Shiozumi Asset Management

Shiozumi Asset Management is not affiliated to Legg Mason, Inc.

Shiozumi Asset Management was founded in Japan in 2001 to provide highly specialised expertise in Japanese investment portfolio management. Its predecessor company, Shiozumi Investment Limited, was established in Hong Kong in 1990.

Based in Tokyo, Shiozumi is a bottom-up, growth orientated stock-picking manager that currently has a thematic bias driven by the Japanese economic position. Specifically, its focus is to exploit the investment potential created by the belief that Japan is in the process of two structural changes - from a regulated to a deregulated economy and from a manufacturing to a service-orientated economy: the 'New Japan'.



Company research is fundamentally driven, concentrating on the assessment of management capabilities and targeting companies with strong market positions, often in niche areas. At the heart of the firm's investment style is the objective to capture the immediate growth potential in well recognised, and well capitalised, high-growth companies that will be the main beneficiaries of this 'New Japan'. This leads to a current preference for companies in the domestic-orientated service and retail/distribution sectors of the market, with an emphasis on high-growth companies that are attractively valued — primarily small and medium sized companies.