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Income Matters…Now

Time to switch gears after a decade of easy money? Tips on where and how to get income in both fixed income and equities.

Volatility: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Volatility is an inevitable part of investing. Yet when markets get bumpy, opportunities can emerge for patient, value-oriented investors.

Global Equity Income 2017 Outlook

Head of Income Mark Whitehead reflects on 2016 and assesses what the overriding themes will be for income investors in the year ahead.

EM and the Quantum Leap of Technology

Emerging markets are still widely viewed as dependent on the materials and energy sectors. This is out of synch with reality.

Four Lessons from the Taper Tantrum

The lessons from the 2013 taper tantrum are relevant for bond investors today, but as circumstances are different we do not expect a similar outcome.

The Case for Active in International Small-Caps

International small-caps have attractive attributes and active managers are well positioned to uncover the best that this underutilized asset class has to offer.

Synchronized Earnings Growth and Leveraged Finance Markets

The synchronized recovery in global earnings finally appears to be here. Every major market region in the world is now seeing significant earnings growth. Are there still opportunities in global high yield?

The Power of Choice: Why Active Makes a Difference

Choice is at the heart of investing; one can't own everything. But should investment choices be made in a mechanical way, based on an index? Or should they be made selectively, based the research and expertise of an active manager?

Is the Stock Market Right About Economic Growth?

High quality companies remain an attractive investment opportunity despite more moderate growth expectations.

Emerging markets: The Why and the How

Finding capital returns is a difficult challenge in a world of low growth expectations and low interest rates. Yet in this environment, emerging markets (EMs) can offer attractive access to equity growth potential.

Understanding Infrastructure

Matt Bushby, RARE's Global Head of Distribution, explains their specialist view on infrastructure, the key infrastructure characteristics RARE looks for, and why it's too limiting to view the infrastructure opportunity simply as a 'Trump trade'.

Small Cap's Road Back to Normal

Portfolio Manager Chuck Royce and Co-CIO Francis Gannon see a consolidating asset class ready to make its next move up.

Healthy Rotation or Rally at Risk?

Royce Co-CIO Francis Gannon looks at recent small-cap results and sees a consolidating asset class setting the stage for its next move up.